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Weili Zhang vs Jessica Andrade preview & predictions, UFC 157

Weili Zhang vs Jessica Andrade preview & predictions, UFC 157

Let us see some preview and predictions about the match between Weili Zhang vs Jessica Andrade at 18:00 (GMT+8) on August 31th at UFC Fight Night 157.

On this Saturday, MMA fans in general and UFC in particular will enjoy the special matches at UFC Fight Night 157. One of the most noticeable matches is the main card match between Chinese female boxers Weili Zhang versus female boxer from Brazil Jessica Andrade.

Weili Zhang with striking striking style and extremely good locking ability will be a tough fighter for defending champion Jessica Andrade.

Weili Zhang currently has an impressive winning streak with 18 consecutive games and 3 consecutive wins since she entered the UFC. With a fast and powerful fighting style, she is a martial artist that makes the other competitors wary. With more games ending in KO / TKO, Weili can always put pressure on any opponent. It is about the stand, for ground game Weili has also shown very well in front of many opponents.

However, her upcoming opponent is also a boxer with good locking ability.

Jessica Andrade from Brazil, which created the remaining piece of MMA - Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. Possessing a brown belt, the defending champion will be a tough opponent if it is to fall into a battlefield situation. With her good takedown ability, she will quite easily put the opponent into the trap she wants. But so did Weili, who could easily defeat an opponent and also counter it.

Jessica's technique of standing still does not have as many KO / TKO achievements as Weili but she can still KO other rivals. In addition, Jessica's matches have many matches ending in the 5th half, and with Weili, her matches often end in the second half of the second half, so Weili's fitness is a big question mark.

Predictions: Weili Zhang won on KO / TKO