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UFC President Dana White: "There will never be a second Conor McGregor"

UFC President Dana White:

UFC President Dana White admits that he will never find anyone like Conor McGregor in MMA and UFC.

Conor McGregor joined the UFC sometime in early 2013 after he became the two -weight and lightweight featherweight champion of the Cage Warriors tournament. The Irish superstar continued to set up similar achievements in the big UFC tournament in the following years.

But he did not stop at becoming the first person to hold two championships at once in UFC history. Conor McGregor is also known for bringing record numbers of match pay-per-view purchases and how he promotes his unique and bold battles.

In a recent interview with MMA Fighting, UFC President Dana White said that there are a lot of boxers studying in the same way as Irish superstars and he also understands why they do this.

“When you see others succeed like him (Conor McGregor). He is funny and interesting in everything. You will also have thoughts that maybe if I act like him, I will have the same success” Dana White explains how many martial artists are learning the same style as Conor McGregor.

UFC President Dana White admits there will be only one Conor McGregor and there will not be a second version like the Irish superstar. At the same time, the UFC president also admitted that there will never be a second Conor McGregor but there will always be other stars emerging according to their own style and nature.

Dana White said: "There is only one Conor McGregor. Many people always ask me if I will find a second Conor McGregor or who can find someone like him? There will never be another Conor McGregor. But there will be others who show and prove their own personality to become a star of their own nature.