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Tyson Fury confronts Braun Strowman at the WWE event in Saudi Arabia

Tyson Fury confronts Braun Strowman at the WWE event in Saudi Arabia

Tyson Fury not only appeared on WWE, but now he will also be ranked as a special match against Braun Strowman.

Tyson Fury said his dream came true when attending WWE with Braun Strowman. "A longtime fan" is how he talks about himself when he talks about the upcoming match at WWE.

"This is exactly what I have always dreamed of", Tyson Fury said.

“I have had 30 unbeaten matches in my career, and when I go to Saudi Arabia to play against Braun Strowman, I will still be unbeaten. I will defeat Braun Strowman".

It is obvious that Braun Strowman did not forget to remind his upcoming opponent and said, "We are not wearing gloves at WWE, you are entering my world".

Both Tyson and Braun have had several clashes in previous WWE events, not surprising that an official match has been confirmed and will take place in upcoming Saudi Arabia.

The match will take place on October 31st, and in the form of pay-per-view.

Apart from Tyson's match, that same day, Cain Velasquez will debut his first match at WWE against Brock Lesnar.

In recent times the wrestling village has started to be more exciting than ever against the former UFC champion Cain Velasquez signed with WWE and made a spectacular debut. Now it was Tyson Fury's turn to have a fascinating match against Braun Strowman. Whether Tyson doesn't know if Anthony Joshua or Wilder intends to hang out at WWE. Deontay Wilder's style is perfectly suited for a role at WWE.