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Jon Jones vs Thiago Santos preview, predictions and time at UFC 239

Jon Jones vs Thiago Santos preview, predictions and time at UFC 239

Comment, forecast performance and Lightheavyweight rank match result between Jon Jones and Thiago Santos took place at 11am Sunday (GMT+8) July 7th at UFC 239.

At the heart of the UFC International Fight Week series in early July, UFC 239 saw the return of reigning champion Lightheavyweight Jon Jones. He will play in a match against Brazil's Thiago Santos in the main match of the event.

Since the controversial comeback in UFC 232, Jon Jones (24-1-1) is still proving to be the most comprehensive puncher in the history of the tournament. He has 2 consecutive wins against Alexander Gustafsson and Anthony Smith. The puncher from Jackson team Wink MMA has always shown himself to be a martial artist who has great control over the game despite being away from the ring after more than a year of being banned.

On the other side of the ring, Thiago Santos (June 21) is being seen as the fastest-growing martial artist since his Lightheavyweight promotion at the end of 2018. In less than 6 months, Brazill boxers had 3 consecutive knockout wins against Eryk Anders, Jimi Manuwa and Jan Blachowicz. The continuous victory helped him win the title match at UFC 239, a record short titlehot period in recent years.

In terms of skill, Jon Jones has not really had much change since 2014 before the victory of Daniel Cormier. With the exception of the ability to unleash heavier attacks before thanks to muscle development, "Bones" is still a comprehensive fighter with the ability to control the pace of the match perfectly. In the last 2 wins against Alexander Gustafsson and Anthony Smith, the defending champion continued to show superiority when he completely took the game. Sometimes, Jon Jones even decides when he will end up despite his opponents' efforts to fight back.

In contrast, Thiago Santos is famous as a martial artist who pushes the tempo at any time of the match. Taking advantage of the time when competitors fell back, Thiago Santos tended to plunge into and force the opponent to deal with double situations. And sometimes he creates a dogfight at a rate with a very high risk of knockout.

This feature can be clearly seen in the last 2 matches against Jimi Manuwa and Jan Blachowicz, 2 striker have good technical reviews at Lightheavyweight. Despite the superiority of technical attacks, both Jimi Manuwa and Jan Blachowicz collapsed due to unexpected pressures from Thiago Santos.

Facing Jon Jones, this is also the most prominent weapon Thiago Santos can apply. Because of Jon Jones' ability to control distance and tempo, the fact that Thiago Santos maintains a straight-to-toe situation like previous opponents did not really work out. Especially when he also proved that he was not a martial artist with very good stamina in the previous 3 innings, in addition, the skill Wrestling - the skill that Thiago Santos never showed was the difference of the pair this match.

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