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Jon Jones: 'I need to choose a clever strategy because Santos is really strong'

Jon Jones: 'I need to choose a clever strategy because Santos is really strong'

Overcoming Thiago Santos with a close score, defending champion Jon Jones admitted he had to be very careful in choosing how to confront the Brazilian puncher.

The last match of UFC 239 ended with the victory for defending champion Jon Jones before the challenger Thiago Santos. After 5 innings, Jon Jones overcame Brazilian opponents with a disagreement score from three referees Mike Bell, Derek Cleary (48-47 for Jones) and Junichiro Kamijo (48-47 for Thiago Santos).

In the interview after the match, Jon Jones admitted he was a bit surprised by the style that Thiago Santos chose in this match.

“Wow, really a tough opponent, he has a lot of technical competitions, more than I expected. Thiago understands that his biggest opportunity is knockout, but I still win and bring the belt back to my teammates and family”.

Faced with Jon Jones, Thiago Santos was surprised by the calmness and effective choice of attacks instead of rushing to attack like the previous matches. Although the Brazilian puncher was injured with a number of errors, but his scoring efforts were still recognized by the referees with at least victory in the 2 innings.

Reacting to the comments that this is a somewhat sluggish performance compared to the recent matches, Jon Jones said he understands the danger of Santos and has considered it as much as possible. show.

“Santos is really powerful, punches, kicks, all are so powerful that I want to play smart. Even better, drag him to the floor but with what he did - I think that's enough for a victory.

I think Santos's team has made a comprehensive preparation for this match: physical strength, attacks, all are the best ever, the pride that I have sustained before them for 25 minutes . Of course, if the rematch happens, I still need some adjustment and better tactics”.

Winning Thiago Santos at UFC 239, Jon Jones had the 10th successful belt defense of his career - maintaining an unbeaten run of 17 games and continuing to aim for the third title in 2019.