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Jon Jones' defeat in 2009 may be changed?

Jon Jones' defeat in 2009 may be changed?

UFC Light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is undoubtedly one of the greatest achievement boxers of all time. Jones' record is inherently perfect if there is no unfortunate "losing" against Matt Hamil in 2009.

At the 10th season's Ultimate event in Las Vegas, Jon Jones had his fourth match at the UFC. All eyes were on the young man, whom they believed would become the future king.

The happenings of the match were not surprising, Jon Jones still destroyed the opponent in a way that he used to do, takedown and then beat. Matt Hamill at that time was completely passive, unable to resist. But the referee of that night's game, Steve Mazzagatti, surprised everyone when the match continued.

Only until, unknowingly or intentionally, that Jon Jones launched a 12-6 blow, the line banned from top down and was banned at UFC. At that time, referee Steve Mazzagatti entered and decided to lose to Jon Jones for a ban.

This unfortunate defeat has long since made Jon Jones and UFC president Dana White feel sorry. And recently, White said he is planning to work with the Nevada State Sports Commission, doing his best to defeat the NC results (no results). “He hasn't lost once. I am trying my best to change that 'losing' result on Jones' performance table. That was the time when the Nevada Sports Commission did not have the best quality today. The weak organization and their referees have poor expertise. So I hope to change something”. 

After the match, Dana White and the referee of the match exchanged words even years later. White has not yet confirmed that the UFC has had any formal talks with the Nevada State Sports Commission on the matter, but he said he will do his best.