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Derek Brunson vs Ian Heinischs preview, UFC 241

Derek Brunson vs Ian Heinischs preview, UFC 241

Let us identify, anticipate the MMA match between Derek Brunson vs Ian Heinischs, at 10:00 am (GMT + 8) on August 18th of the UFC 241 event.

Derek Brunson vs Ian Heinischs predictions

Ranked No. 8 in the Middleweight weight category, Derek Brunson has a record of 2 wins - 2 losses since 2018. However, his position is also unstable because his last win against Elias Theodorou is not enough. promotion.

As a second-class wrestler while still in Wrestling, Derek Brunson's skill is not so impressive except for his physical ability and a playful style using American style. In all competitions, Brunson always tries to find a way to get close to his opponent - this is when the American puncher coordinates Wrestling and the hooks and weapons have helped him get 6 knockouts in the last 7 wins.

Derek Brunson is capable of unexpected KOs, but they are more likely to be a surfer than a striking technique.

The Senator at UFC 241, Derek Brunson continued to encounter a boxer who was "scolding" for the Top 10, Ian Heinicschs - a puncher from the UFC Dana White’s Contender Series talent search program.

Before the confrontation at UFC 241, Ian Heinicshs had the advantage of an accurate striking style - however, the most necessary skill to fight Derek Brunson was that Heinicshs had not been so impressive in two matches. Recent matches.

With two recent victories, Heinicshs needs to show his superiority to the Top 10 Derek Brunson for a chance to go further.

Therefore, the scenario of the match between Derek Brunson and Ian Heinicshs is likely to be the race for close-range combat and fitness calculations. If it could be better than the other two, both Brunson and Heinicshs would have a chance to find an unexpected knockout.

Prediction: Derek Brunson wins by scoring.