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Daniel Cormier: 'I will not hesitate to patronize Francis Ngannou'

Daniel Cormier: 'I will not hesitate to patronize Francis Ngannou'

Confirmed to be ready to face the "the Predator" Francis Ngannou, the defending champion.

Defeating Junior dos Santos at UFC on ESPN 3 June 30th, Francis Ngannou continued a series of 3 impressive knockout wins against 2 former heavyweight champions. Hold second place on the chart after former champion Stipe Miocic and defending champion Daniel Cormier.

With this victory, Francis Ngannou is the No. 1 candidate for the next title match. And the one who faced the Cameroonian puncher was none other than the winner of the UFC 241 match between Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic.

Having decided to retire in March with the final match against Brock Lesnar, however, the injury and the withdrawal of the opponent caused Daniel Cormier's intention to move back to UFC 241. However, there are many opinions that accepting a rematch with Stipe Miocic will be a much more meaningful match for Daniel Cormier if he can win the second time against the former champion.

Besides, with the peak of Francis Ngannou at the present time - many viewers believe that "The Predator" with the ultimate knockout ability will be the name enough to overthrow Daniel Cormier. In response to this, Daniel Cormier insists he will not hesitate to accept Francis Ngannou.

"He is a good fighter. I really like Francis Ngannou, a martial artist who deserves to be respected. But I think everyone understands that sometimes we have to slow down. That's really what happened with the first match of Francis Ngannou. He took out Alistair Overeem, knocked out all of the previous opponents and headed for the multiplayer match, but in the end, nothing changed. Because of my respect for Francis Ngannou, I will not hesitate to agree on this match".

Having experienced "big hands" like Anthony Johnson, Daniel Cormier thinks it will not be difficult to repeat the script again when commenting on Francis Ngannou's recent matches.

"Defeat Cain Velasquez for 25 seconds, defeat Junior dos Santos with 1 minute and 5 minutes and Curtis Blaydes in less than a minute. That's really crazy when it all happens in less than 3 minutes. But if at the 7th and 8th minute with an opponent trying to crush those piles of muscle. I think Francis Ngannou will need a lot of changes - something I have not seen in recent matches".

It can be seen that, although the timing of retirement was fixed at the age of 40, but under the attraction of potential rivals like Francis Ngannou - or most recently the great rival Jon Jones, the defending champion Daniel Cormier is still consider your next UFC plans.

If you can get past Stipe Miocic (2nd) and Francis Ngannou, Daniel Cormier will definitely make the list of the greatest Heavyweight fighters the UFC has ever seen.