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Who is McGregor's next potential competitor?

Who is McGregor's next potential competitor?

Nearly a year after McGregor made the biggest match in the history of the world MMA village at UFC 229, despite losing the challenge to Khabib Nurmagomedov's lightweight championship belt, Conor is still the current cult name.

Earlier this year, Conor McGregor unexpectedly announced his retirement. However, the teammates, coaches and even the Irish boxers themselves revealed that the UFC parting was just a "story that caught the attention of the audience". McGregor still wants to re-export.

However, the information about the UFC superstar's rival is always open. Under that situation, UFC commentator Chael Sonnen, who has experience in arranging MMA matches, said: "I am not sure about the details, but can confirm Conor will definitely return".

“When Khabib and Tony Ferguson and other names were busy, maybe Justin Gaethje was a name that deserved to play against McGregor. Gaethje is a funny guy and ready to fight. Meanwhile, Conor also hinted that he could compete with Gaethje".

Gaethje is currently the 4th boxer in the lightweight category, right after Conor McGregor's position on the UFC rankings. American punches always think that Conor does not play but still has a high rank is unreasonable. Recently, Gaethje always provoked Conor.

Owning a fierce attacking style and not afraid of collision, Gaethje was considered a worthy opponent for McGregor to return to the ring. In addition, Nate Diaz is also a potential opponent of "UFC crazy guy". The two have encountered each other twice before.

“If we look forward to the match next year, it could be between McGregor and Nate Diaz. Diaz will have his hands free after November 2 when the UFC 244 match ends. And who knows what this boxer wanted at the time? I believe this match will be as exciting as the day before", said Chael Sonnen.

At UFC 196 and UFC 202 in 2016, American boxers and McGregor brought to the audience the two most expensive matches of UFC. Therefore, Sonnen's judgment about the clash between the two punches is entirely possible.

With the information surrounding Conor McGregor's return becoming more and denser, fans of “UFC crazy guy” are eager to see their idol continue to show their skills in the octagon cage again.