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What did Rafael Nadal and Nick Kyrgios say before 2019 Wimbledon Round 2 Men's singles?

What did Rafael Nadal and Nick Kyrgios say before 2019 Wimbledon Round 2 Men's singles?

On July 4th at the 2nd round of the 3rd Grand Slam tournament, all eyes will be on the central court to watch the fights between Rafael Nadal and Nick Kyrgios.

The duel between Nadal and Nick Kyrgios becomes even hotter when two players have unreasonable share of the opponent. When asked about the relationship with Nadal, the Australian player said: "I'm not sure Rafa and I can sit drinking beer together. I get along with everyone, but some don't".

According to the ATP Tour, the contrast in the style of play and character between Nadal and Kyrgios makes them one of the most exciting matches of male world tennis. Rafael Nadal's intentional and explosive playstyle is in contrast to the Australian's foolish and quick strokes.

When asked about the match with Kyrgios in the press room, Nadal said: "He can do whatever he wants in life. I came here to play. I am a professional tennis player, so I only care about the game, I don't need to pay too much attention to the opponent. I need to do my best to win".

The relationship between the two players has come down since the confrontation in Acapulco in late February this year. In that match, "Bad Boy" successfully saved 3 match-points before winning the reverse. Kyrgios had a number of attempts to trick Nadal with hand-to-hand tricks, acting as a disrespect to the opponent.

After the match, Rafael Nadal sarcastically Kyrgios: "He is a talented player who can win big titles and top positions in the rankings. However, there is a reason why he is in this place (world class 72) ".

After the Wimbledon draw, Kyrgios said: "I am happy to see his name in the tournament. It becomes more interesting. When I was young, you always wanted to play with the best players on the field. I will take the opportunity with two hands, go ahead and make the best hits".

Two players are mixing 3-3 after 6 encounters. Kyrgios is the one who has won the last match and is also the winner in the only match on the pitch in 2014.

Nadal, the number one seed of the time, received defeat after four sets in Wimbledon's fourth round, against Kyrgios, who was only 19 and ranked 144th in the world.