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The 15-year-old prodigy Polona Halep goes through into the 2019 Wimbledon's fourth round

The 15-year-old prodigy Polona Halep goes through into the 2019 Wimbledon's fourth round

Cori Gauff won the Polona Hercog 3-6, 7-6, 7-5 backwards in the third round of Grand Slam grass, last night on July 5th.

The match between Cori Gauff and Polona Hercog is the most dramatic duel on Wimbledon's fifth day of competition. Polona Hercog has two match-points in the second set, but does not take advantage, and Cori Gauff needs only one match-point to finish the match after two hours and 45 minutes. The 15-year-old, after continuing his history, will return to the Center Stadium and meet former world number one Simona Halep in the fourth round.

Cori Gauff did not lose a set in the previous five games in the tournament, including three qualifying matches and two main rounds, but was overwhelmed by Polona Hercog's methodical ball in the first set. The 15-year-old talent lost two serve games and lost quickly 3-6.

Polona Hercog continued to overwhelm in the second set. From the beginning of the game until the game of the game decided the match, the 28-year-old player does not face the risk of losing any game delivered. But when leading 5-4, 30-0 and winning two points, Polona Hercog played a lack of game and lost the game of delivery.

Cori Gauff up the spirit after balancing the score 5-5. The youngest player through the Wimbledon qualifier repeatedly pressed the Slovenian opponent in the tie-break set of two. Polona Hercog injured his back, and was forced to use defensive cuts. The 28-year-old could not stand up to Gauff's strength and lost 7-9 in the tie-break series.

Polona Hercog lost confidence and left 15-year-old juniors 4-1 in the final set. At the foot of the wall, the hand-ball shot to help the Slovenian player equalize 4-4.

The match is about to see the enduring series of durable balls between the players. Eventually, Cori Gauff's youth power spoke at the right time. The teenage player goes on, thanks to the opponent's lobed ball. Cori Gauff wins final 3-6, 7-6, 7-5.

"Polona Hercog has played great tennis, but I always have a belief that I will be successful upstream," Cori Gauff said after the match. Next Monday, she will meet Simona Halep, a Victoria Azarenka midfielder in the third round 6-4, 6-1.