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Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal preview, predictions (2019 Wimbledon semifinal)

Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal preview, predictions (2019 Wimbledon semifinal)

"Express train" Roger Federer appreciates Nadal, but is confident in his chance at the confrontation at the Grand Slam semifinals.

"I believe the duel in Wimbledon will not be like Roland Garros," Roger Federer shared before the match against Rafael Nadal in the semi-finals. "Different pitches and competition conditions are also different. At Roland Garros, we met in the windy day. That game is crazy. I hope that will not happen again in the fight tomorrow".

Federer played badly at the Roland Garros semi-final, but still lost six serve games and lost to Nadal 3-6, 4-6, 2-6. Before that match, "Express Train" won five consecutive matches against Rafael Nadal, even on hard courts.

"Perhaps the 2017 Australia Open finals are similar to tomorrow's match", owner of 20 Grand Slam added. "It was a five-set match, and we also fought five sets that day. It's hard to predict tomorrow's scenario. But I hope it will proceed as I wish. It will be a very difficult game, because Nadal can beat every opponent in every field. He is not just a clay court expert ".

Tomorrow will be the first time Federer and Nadal will fight again in Wimbledon, since 2008. The duo owns a total of 38 Grand Slams met three times at the All England Club. Federer won the first two times to win in 2006 and 2007, while Nadal won the 2008 final in the match described by many experts as the best of all time.

"Nadal has made a lot of progress on the grass in the past few years," Federer commented. "He approached the match in a very diverse way. We haven't seen each other for a long time, but I found him to serve better, and ended the scores much faster than before. Many people have said we are out of date, but we are still here. It's great to be against Nadal in the Grand Slam semi-final".

Federer lost to three hand-picked games from the beginning of Wimbledon, at least. Nadal also lost to four handball games. Federer, basically, is satisfied with what he has shown since the beginning of the tournament.

- I'm feeling good. Even if I lost before a set or lost the previous game, I didn't lose my temper, ”the Swiss player shared. "I am confident in the ability to serve as well as serve. Overall I am satisfied with how I play football. I'm feeling a good ball at the end, which will probably decide to be defeated in the fight with Nadal tomorrow".

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