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Roger Federer: 'The game is crazy, I will try to forget this defeat'

Roger Federer: 'The game is crazy, I will try to forget this defeat'

At the age of 37, Roger Federer was still strong enough to pull his opponent into the fifth set. However, the Swiss player could not enjoy the full joy.

On the evening of July 14th, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic created the longest Wimbledon final in history with nearly 5 hours of competition. "Express train" has 2 chances to end the match, but he does not take advantage of it and is paid with the final 2-3 defeat.

After the match, Federer said: "It is painful, like every loss at Wimbledon. However, that is just a thought, and I am very strong to continue. I don't want to be depressed because I lost a great match".

"I will try to forget defeat at this final. We played great matches. I had the chance, but in the end the victory belonged to him. I am satisfied with my performance. Congratulations to Novak Djokovic, the game is crazy", continued the Swiss player.

Federer showed incredible strength at age 37. In the fifth set, which lasted more than 2 hours of competition, he and Djokovic often had attractive ball matches. In many situations, the world's number one player must admire Federer.

The player who is about to turn 38 said: "Glad to be able to play well in the fifth set, I have to look at the positive side. I am not a failure. It doesn't matter who is the better player. I know what I have done and can be satisfied with this performance".

"I hope what I have done will give people opportunities and beliefs. I offer what I have and still stand here (on the prize podium), hoping the same thing will come to people at 37", Federer added.

Although he did not fall tears like failure to Rafael Nadal 11 years ago, Federer could not hide his sadness. This is the third time he has lost to Djokovic in the finals at Wimbledon. He still hasn't got the ninth title in the tournament, as well as the 21st Grand Slam championship in his career.