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Rafael Nadal face Sam Querry in 2019 Wimbledon Quarterfinal

Rafael Nadal face Sam Querry in 2019 Wimbledon Quarterfinal

World No. 2 player Rafael Nadal easily overcame Joao Sousa after three sets with the same score 6-2 in the fourth round.

Reunited tennis player who lost to him in Rio de Janeiro 2014 and Madrid in 2016, Rafael Nadal only took 10 minutes to overcome the 3-0 lead. In it, he won both Joao Sousa's first ball-holding games.

While his Portuguese opponent made a lot of mistakes, Rafael Nadal showed a high level of accuracy in his hand-to-hand shots. He completed the first four games of white victory with an ace hit 190 km / h. In the following two hand-held games of Joao Sousa, Rafael Nadal lost only two points, before closing the first set with a perfect left-handed cross-pitch point.

After 29 minutes, the Spanish player did not give Joao Sousa any chance in his four serve games, even if the number of spoilers of both players was equal (4 errors).

In the second set, Rafael Nadal still maintains the ability to effectively serve the ball with the ball pushing the opponent to the corner and then the net ends with a winner. At the time of being led 1-3, Joao Sousa excellently rescued both facing break-points, before winning four points to secure his game. But the impatient mentality in decisive situations has led the world No. 69 player to push himself into a corner. Rafael Nadal only lost two points to serve a goal to win the second set and has yet to face a break-point.

The final set script still works the same. Joao Sousa tried his best but couldn't make a difference. In the second delivery game in the set, he kept the initiative when the ball was good, so Rafael Nadal had to run to the corners to cover the pitch but the small drop on the final net was not hard enough to take down the opponent. Rafael Nadal won another game to save the ball, before winning the final after 1 hour 45 minutes.

In the whole match, third seed Rafael Nadal scored 30 winner, having 10 spoiled errors and not once facing the risk of breaking the ball. Joao Sousa has 16 winner points, has 15 similar errors and only solves two of eight face-to-face breaks.

This is the 8th consecutive time Rafael Nadal has participated in the Grand Slam quarterfinals (since 2017 US Open) and is also the 39th quarter-final of his career. Rafael Nadal is only one victory away to reach the 15th year in a row to reach London for ATP Finals at the end of the season.

Rafael Nadal's next opponent will be Sam Querrey. Rafael Nadal is aiming to balance the record of Bjorn Borg with three times of winning Roland Garros and Wimbledon in the same season. He was crowned twice in the All England Club in 2008 and 2010 after winning the championship in Paris just before.