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Novak Djokovic entered the final match of 2019 Wimbledon

Novak Djokovic entered the final match of 2019 Wimbledon

The world number one Novak Djokovic defeated Bautista Agut with the score 6-2, 4-6, 6-3, 6-2 on the central court, on the afternoon of July 12th.

Agut won both times to meet Novak Djokovic. That seems to add to him a lot of confidence in the first Grand Slam semi-final of his career. However, the impatient mentality makes the world No. 22 player soon make mistakes. And without missing a chance, Djokovic won the match when he won the first game of the ball after four consecutive Agutian errors.

Only through the first five games, Agut made 10 similar mistakes, then fell and was led 1-4 after Djokovic's ace. Hold the ball firmly and keep pressing the opponent to help the first seed to easily close the first set after he won another game to save the ball.

Losing only one serve point in the opening set, Djokovic did not face a break-point and scored 12 winner points, while only having 5 errors of self-defeating.
The wind suddenly reversed in the next set when the host of the match was Agut, and Djokovic finally got the second set loss at All Endland Club (the first time against Hurkacz in the third round).

Djokovic only earns one point in the second delivery game in this set, before he wins the game with a hand-won winner. The 16th defeat in the battle pushed the world's number one player into a 3-5 lead. In the second set, Bautista Agut was fortunate when he reached the back of his forehand, the ball fell to the opponent's yard. In this winning set, the Spanish player loses a serve and only has 5 mistakes to break himself.

In the third set, Agut played better than before but that was not enough to make it difficult for the Serbian players to regain the posture thanks to the forte. One of those situations helped Djokovic win the game to get the ball over the 4-2 lead with a perfect smash. The set ends after a match like the end of the second set but in the opposite direction. After Djokovic's small drop, the ball climbed into the net and fell to the field of Agut.

The first game of the set decided to witness the rival of the reigning champion to save the three break-points consecutively with a left-handed volley and subtle small drop. However, at the next chance, Agut failed to polish himself, though Djokovic had previously slipped. The Spanish player lost one more game after the second double in the match and was 1-4. But it wasn't until the fifth chance of match-point, Djokovic decided to win the final with a 9th ace.

In the entire 2-hour 48 minute match, the number one seed had 42 winners and 29 self-defeating errors, one less Agut and 8 more points. Djokovic wins five games to catch the ball, while the opponent is only once.

The sixth time in the Wimbledon final and also the 25th Grand Slam final in his career (winning 15, losing 9), Djokovic will meet Roger Federer to head to the 16th Grand Slam title. The number one player in the world has an advantage against the 25-22 lead against Federer.