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Djokovic: 'No need to heat up before Wimbledon 2019'

Djokovic: 'No need to heat up before Wimbledon 2019'

Novak Djokovic - the number one player in the world explains the reasons for being absent from Queen's Club and the difficulties faced by Grand Slam this year.

Last season, Novak Djokovic went to the Queen's Club final and lost to Marin Cilic. But that achievement was enough to kick him off to win the Wimbledon championship later, to win the 14th Grand Slam title in his career.

This year, Djokovic unexpectedly did not attend any grass tournaments before Wimbledon. The reason for this was the failure of Dominic Thiem at the Roland Garros semi-finals, where the Serbian player missed the second chance to win all four different Grand Slam in a row.

"Compared to the same period last year, the situation is different. At that time I was only allowed to play a few games before going to Wimbledon because I had just returned from an elbow injury. I dropped to stand at number 22 in the world and had to heat up at Queen's Club to prepare for the Grand Slam tournament on England's turf. But now, after a hard clay season, my body needs to rest to get the best performance, ”explains the number one player in the world about why he was absent from the Queen's Club this year.

Last week, Djokovic had to train on the hard court in his homeland Belgrade and enlist his family time. "Find me a lawn in Belgrade so I can practice? We don't have a stadium like that in Serbia. Hope in the near future, we will build it. The reason I chose to practice here is that this field has some grass-like similarities like speed and mobility, ”said four-time Wimbledon champion.

"Compared to London, it is cooler and more comfortable here. Playing on grass requires a different style and play style compared to other pitches. The approach as well as reaction time has its own unique characteristics".

In Wimbledon 2019, Djokovic is ranked No. 1 seed and is likely to face Nadal in the semi-finals, by Roger Federer, thanks to the 10th championship at Halle Open recently overtaking the Spanish player to seed number two.

That prompted Nadal to respond very strongly to Wimbledon's seed rating method, saying that the tournament organizers did not respect the players who tried to win points to achieve a high rank on ATP. "You have to respect Wimbledon's own rules, but to be honest, I'm also surprised with this kind of seeding.

Federer won the tournament most times but the fact that he took Nadal's second seed still surprised me, "Djokovic said after the performance at Boodles on June 26.

The draw for the 2019 Wimbledon branch will be held on Friday, June 28th, at 7pm (GMT+8) on the same day.