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2019 US Open fixtures, time and live channel

2019 US Open fixtures, time and live channel

US Open 2019 Championship - The last Grand Slam this year has become the tournament has the largest total prize money in tennis history.

Bonuses in each round in the US Open 2019 are new records at Grand Slam. The champion of the application received a total of $ 3.85 million, the runner-up received $ 1.9 million, while the first-place player received $ 58,000.

In the doubles, the champion received $ 740,000 - also a Grand Slam record. "The US tournament organizers are proud to be the tournament with the largest total prize money in tennis history," said Patrick Galbraith, President of the American Tennis Association.

US Open Bonus this year increased by 8% compared to last year. The Grand Slam in New York is also the first prize in the world to apply the same level of bonuses to male and female players since 1973.

A bonus of $ 100,000 for a round of two content tickets can be equal to the income earned by a top 100 player from the beginning of the year. Marketwatch takes the example of Arantxa Rus. The world number 128 player earns US $ 94,000 in the first seven months of the 2019 season. The US $ 100,000 is also the total US bonus of 51 years ago.

In spite of strong increases in tournaments in recent years, the average player's income is still far behind popular American sports. Wall Street magazine pointed out that the 32nd highest paid baseball player at the US Major Football League (MLB) received a salary of over $ 16 million per year, while the world No. 32 player earned an average of less than a million. USD per season. 

2019 US Open information:

Date fixtures: August 26th – September 8th

Edition: 139th

Category: Grand Slam (ITF)

Defending champions: Novak Djokovic (men's singles) and Naomi Osaka (women's singles)