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Roger Federer needs special permission to attend the 2020 Olympics

Roger Federer needs special permission to attend the 2020 Olympics

Roger Federer has just confirmed he will seek to attend Olympic Tokyo 2020 in search of the missing Olympic gold medal in the title collection. However, this is only a necessary condition for the 2020 Olympics to have Federer.

Roger Federer has just confirmed his determination to attend the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Earlier this week, he explained that this was a decision coming from the heart. This year, 38-year-old Swiss superstar competes in four Olympics, starting in Sydney 2000. He won the men's doubles gold medal with Stan Wawrinka in 2008 and the men's singles gold medal in 2012. He did not attend the 2016 Olympic Games due to knee pain and still has no gold medal Olympic men's singles.

"In the end, my heart decided I wanted to play in the Olympics again", Federer said. The Olympics, which will run from 24/7 to 9/8/2020, will be his last chance to collect the only major missing title in the title collection of the 20-time Grand Slam champion.

"I have talked closely with my team over the past few weeks, the past few months about what I should do in the summer 2020 after Wimbledon and before the US Open," Roger Federer said because then, he will turn 39 years old. " I have twice been able to take the Swiss flag in Athens and Beijing, I had 1 gold (doubles) and 1 silver (doubles), but I am still eager to play again".

However, Federer needs a special capacity to attend Tokyo 2020. Because after the 2016 Olympics, he has not played for Switzerland at the Davis Cup yet. According to ITF regulations, players who want to participate in the Olympics need to compete in the Davis Cup or Fed Cup and attend at least 3 times in the period between the Olympic Games.

However, Federer is probably not too worried about this, because he is not difficult to receive a special rate due to his performance at the Olympic and Davis Cup according to the rules of ITF and the Swiss Tennis Federation. Advocacy efforts for ITF to allow Federer to attend the Olympic Games.