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Will Federer and Djokovic withdraw from the Australian Open?

Will Federer and Djokovic withdraw from the Australian Open?

Top tennis players are considering withdrawing from 2020 Australian Open due to the poor air quality.

Because of the fact that bushfire in Australia is worsening, the air condition at the moment is unable to do outdoor activities, including playing sports.

A few days ago, a female tennis player was forced to withdraw from a WTA tournament held in Melbourne because of the low-quality air condition. Meanwhile, some others had to meet the doctor after complaining about their health condition affected by air pollution.

Consequently, many people assume that top tennis players may consider withdrawing from the 2020 Australian Open because of the poor air condition.

"There is no way that Federer and Djokovic will risk their health to play under that condition", said American tennis player Noah Rubin.

Despite the fact that those tennis players still stay quiet about the playing condition in Australia, Rubin said that they can see pulling out was one of their options.

However, low-ranked players such as Rubin would see it as a great chance to earn more money, as well as improve their positions in the ATP ranking table.

Only by doing that can they continue pursuing their professional career without worrying about their daily life. On the other hand, they are ready to risk their health to play under air pollution in Australian.