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Nadal's success in 2019 thanks to the second-serve improvement?

Nadal's success in 2019 thanks to the second-serve improvement?

Rafael Nadal believed that his impressive performance in 2019 was caused by his better second serves.

In 2019, Rafael Nadal not only successfully secured the Roland Garros champion but also conquered US Open to end the year as the number one tennis player in the ATP ranking.

Moreover, Nadal also expected to improve his form next year, aiming for leveling the number of Grand Slam titles with Roger Federer. It would be an incredible scenario for Nadal, who witnessed a declining form in the previous years.

Many people tried to explain the great comeback of Nadal in 2019, and they realized the relation between his form and the rate of second-serve.

To be specific, Nadal won 59.6 percent of his second-serve games, which is highest among top players, including Novak Djokovic. Nadal himself admitted that he tried to improve the effectiveness of his second-serve, and it helped him a lot in the games he served.

"When I have good second serves, I not only limit the number of points I lose but also have more confidence to execute the opponents", said Nadal.

It is true that besides the 90.1 percent of first-serve games, Nadal rarely let his rivals score when he took the second serve. Consequently, Nadal usually finished the game earlier than before, when he preferred using strong forehands to finish the games as he did in the David Cup.