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Nadal and Federer criticized by Pospisil for being selfish

Nadal and Federer criticized by Pospisil for being selfish

Recently, tennis player Vasek Pospisil complained about top-ranking players, including Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

To be specific, Pospisil pointed out that Federer and Nadal lacked efforts to demand ATP World Tour organizers to increase prize money for low-ranking players. "They earned too much money in recent years, but they just cared about themselves," said Pospisil.

"They did not have necessary attempts to support other players even though they know it was a serious problem. More than 80% of prize money in ATP World Tour competitions was allocated into Top 100 players' pocket".

Moreover, Pospisil also stressed that Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic are the only people who earned more than 100 million dollars of prize money in their careers.

On the other hand, many tennis players found it very hard to manage their playing schedule to gain enough money to maintain their professional careers.

In those names, Djokovic was the exception after repeatedly demanding to raise prize money for lower competitions. "Many people may hate Djokovic because of what he did in the matches, but he is a great man", said Pospisil.

"Unlike Nadal or Federer, he fought very hard for lower-ranking players. It is a great issue for professional tennis players in modern life because they receive too little money while the revenue of competitions raised year after year".