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Why is Lee Chong Wei the Malaysia's greatest athlete ever?

Why is Lee Chong Wei the Malaysia's greatest athlete ever?

Malaysia was in tears with Lee Chong Wei when the sports legend announced his departure from badminton in tears. Empathy is understandable, but what made him one of their best athletes ever?

Lee Chong Wei declared in tears: “Deciding to retire is a heavy decision. I really love this sport. But it is a sport with strict requirements. I would like to thank all Malaysians who have supported me for the past 19 years”. Not too many words were spoken but the echoes later remained very long when the fans relive the moments that brought him to the Malaysian badminton village legend.

199 consecutive weeks to hold the No. 1 position

The most frequently released statistic to emphasize Lee Chong Wei's dominance during the peak period was the 199-week period topping the singles chart.

In the single-player mode, Lee topped the charts for nearly 4 years from 2008 August to 2012 June. He is the fourth badminton player in Malaysia to achieve this achievement and is the only person to hold his position for more than a year.

The couple rivals Lee Chong Wei - Lin Dan

Any sport will not be complete without the competition of legends. The competition between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan is similar to the rivalry between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal of tennis.

Why is Lee Chong Wei the Malaysias greatest athlete ever?

When they were at their peak, the two were ahead of their contemporaries and created dominance on the field. The two have shown a fierce struggle in many finals. Lee Chong Wei lost to Lin Dan in the Olympic finals before defeating him in the semifinals of the 2016 Olympics.

The feeling of Malaysian fans for Lee Chong Wei's victory in 2016 even spread and it emphasized his position at home. Years later, competition between them became more harmonious with admiration for each other. To the point that Chinese badminton fans even cheered for Lee Chong Wei when he came out while Malaysian fans also gave Lin Dan the same thing.

The most successful Olympic athlete in Malaysian history

One of Lee Chong Wei's biggest regrets when looking back on his career will be impossible to win the Olympic gold medal despite having reached the final three times.

However, Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics was a memorable event when he first debuted with Malaysian fans. The following Olympics have helped his name forever become the symbol associated with the sports village of this country.

Why is Lee Chong Wei the Malaysias greatest athlete ever?

He became the first Malaysian player to enter a single-player badminton finals in the Olympics. 11 years ago - it was also the year when he won a silver medal in Beijing and repeated his achievements in 2012 and 2016. This achievement has helped him become Malaysia's most successful Olympic athlete of all time.

The battle with cancer

Lee Chong Wei has always been strong at the age of 35 in 2018 but what has caused his hero's demise to collapse? The palate cancer appeared just a week before World Table tennis Championships started and Lee Chong Wei was absent indefinitely.

However, what is believed to be the end of his career only reinforces his emotional attachment to the Malaysian people as the country sees him as their hero. He returned to training in January this year. But after delaying his return, he announced his departure from the sport today with advice from his doctor.

Lee Chong Wei confessed initially that he intended to retire after the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics - after another search for a gold medal. But after all my achievements, this is a dream that he will never be able to perform.