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Why did Thai table tennis won the Golden racquet championship double?

Why did Thai table tennis won the Golden racquet championship double?

Recently, the Thai women's ping-pong team won the Japanese team 3-1 in the final international tournament of the 33rd Golden racquet in Ho Chi Minh City. At the same time, the male team of Thailand also surpassed Korea 3-1 to join the women's team to receive the championship double in this tournament.

Two years ago, even without the No. 1 player Suthasini (champion of the 2015 SEA Games women's singles and currently ranked 34th in the world), the Thai women's team still defeated the Japanese team 3-1 in the team final. female tournament Golden racket.

Recently, although Suthasini still did not attend the tournament, but with the excellence of Orawan when winning two games against Asai and Idesawa, the Thai women's team still posted when winning against Japan with the score 3-1.

Meanwhile, the Thai men's team, although "taking" the No. 1 Supanut player at home, they still have the No. 4 Yanapong player who deserves a place in this year's Golden Racket. It was the 626 ranked player in the world who won both victories against Le Dinh Duy and foreign soldier Ma Jinbao to eliminate the men's team Ho Chi Minh City 3-1 in the semifinals. Yanapong also performed well in the men's team final when he had two previous wins for Jae-jun and Park Shinwoo to help the home team win Korea 3-1.

Talking to media, Mr. Pruttipurk Pirade (Head of the Thai delegation and also President of the Southeast Asian Table Tennis Association) said that the talented young Thai athletes are not only sent for long-term training in Europe. In the first stage, it is also encouraged to play at many tournaments of the world to get access to modern techniques soon.

Typically in this year's Golden Rack, Thailand's No. 2 female player is very confident in Orawan. This player has made many adjustments to the tactics during difficult times between the match to twice win the foreigner Liu Ying of the Ho Chi Minh City women's team. It was the women's singles final in 2017 and the Ho Chi Minh city women's team semi-final match 3-0 this year.