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Sun Yang: 'Michael Phelps can't compare to me'

Sun Yang: 'Michael Phelps can't compare to me'

Coming back to the 400 m freestyle final, Sun Yang became the first male swimmer to win 4 gold medals in a row at the World Championship.

On the evening of July 21th, at the 2019 world championship swimming tournament taking place in Gwangju (South Korea), the super-fisherman Sun Yang showed that he had no opponent in the field of 400 m freestyle content. The Chinese star came back first with a time of 3 minutes 42 seconds 44, Mack Horton finished second when 73% more.

This is the fourth consecutive time that Sun Yang has won the gold medal in this content at the world championships after 2011, 2013 and 2015. He won 10 gold medals in the tournament and is only inferior to the legend of Michael Phelps 5 gold medals in personal content.

Phelps once had a time to dominate the world of swimming in the butterfly and personal swimming content. American super-fisherman 5 times won the gold medal for men's 200m butterfly content but he was interrupted in 2005. This made him unable to have 4 consecutive world championships in a personal content.

Sharing about this impressive achievement, Sun Yang said: "I want to be the first to achieve this achievement in the history of free swimming, but did not think too much. I have won 3 championships. Consecutive content at 800 m and will try to step on the 4th highest podium".

"I am the first athlete in the history of free swimming to do this. I think at this age, Michael Phelps is also difficult to compare and maintain such a high level for a long time. This is an honor. big for me", Sina cited Sun Yang's share.

Sun Yang, 27, still has two 200m and 800m freestyle content at this year's world championship. Before that, he decided to quit playing 1,500 m to put strength into the remaining 3 contents.

The Chinese fisherman is caught in a doping scandal after using a hammer to break the blood test at the end of 2018. However, he is still allowed to play at this tournament by the International Water Sports Association (FINA).

Fisherman Mack Horton, who lost to Sun Yang at the 400m freestyle final, refused to stand on the podium during the awards ceremony. When asked about this, Sun Yang said: "He may not respect me but respect China".