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2019 World Aquatics Championships: Kristof Milak shove Michael Phelps' record

2019 World Aquatics Championships: Kristof Milak shove Michael Phelps' record

The 2019 World Aquatics Tournament continued to storm, this time caused by 19-year-old Hungarian athlete Kristof Milak.

Only 19 years old, but the Hungarian swimmer Kristof Milak has gone down in history when he broke the world record for the 200m butterfly swim of legend Michael Phelps at the World Championship swim in Korea and promises to be even stronger at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

The world record of American swimmer has existed for 10 years, but this time, Kristof Milak not only defeated the reigning champion Chad le Clos but also became the first person to swim 200m butterfly under 1 minute 51 seconds.

With 1'50 "73 statistics, Kristof Milak hit a record that Michael Phelps set in the 2009 World Aquatics Championship for nearly 8/10 seconds and up to 3 seconds faster than runner-up Daiya Seto of Japan, Chad le Clos received only bronze medals.

"When I turned around and saw the time, all the pressures were gone," said a child with a baby face.

In fact, Kristof Milak has shown great potential when winning the 200m butterfly championship in the 2018 European Championship, but the speed he showed in the last 50m in Gwang World tournament in Gwangju shocked the opponents.

Chad le Clos calls Kristof Milak "another level". "Perhaps this is one of the greatest races in the world. To break that world record, Kristof is much faster than all of us." - The South Africa athlete rated.

Kristof Milak himself felt very proud to break the record of Michel Phelps in Rome, because at that time he was still in elementary school. "I was only 9 years old at that time, I couldn't even swim yet." - Kristof Milak revealed.