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Tyson Fury is ready to face Cain Velasquez at WWE

Tyson Fury is ready to face Cain Velasquez at WWE

The heavyweight champion Tyson Fury said he would be ready to face Cain Velasquez at WWE.

Tyson Fury and former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez are both scheduled to play a match at WWE later this month in Saudi Arabia, of course both will not fight each other.

Tyson Fury will have an epic match against Braun Strowman and Cain Velasquez meets Brock Lesnar in their first debut match at WWE.

The heavyweight had a conflict with Cain when the former champion was still playing at UFC, both criticized towards each other on social media at that time. And Fury thinks it would be great to fight Cain again on WWE.

“Well, listen up. Cain and I had a quarrel with each other when he was a UFC heavyweight champion. A few years ago”, Fury shared.

“There was a lot of talking back and forth on our social networks back then. And, who knows, maybe those conflicts will be brought to WWE, for example".

“I would be happy to play against everyone. I am a true martial artist. I have never dodged any match in my life, and I'm ready to play against everyone".

In case Tyson Fury has a match against Cain, it will certainly be very attractive, especially what he has shown in the past few days. For Cain Velasquez, after an impressive performance at AAA, he was also noticed by WWE and is coming to an agreement between the two sides.

The match between Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman will take place at the Crown Jewel event, at which Cain Velasquez will debut with Brock Lesnar.