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UFC Fight Night 157 results: Kai Kara France wins against Mark De La Rosa by points

UFC Fight Night 157 results: Kai Kara France wins against Mark De La Rosa by points

Let us see the latest results of the match between Kai Kara France vs Mark De La Rosa at 18:00 (GMT+8) on August 31th at UFC Fight Night 157.

Kai Kara France vs Mark De La Rosa results:

Round 1: Kai started the match with very fast jab. Mark did not rush to counterattack until he punched and left. Mark takedown, trying to drag Kai to the floor, but failed and only pushed the opponent into the net. Kai finally escaped, suddenly retaliating immediately with a successful takedown, but he did not play battle with Mark and let the opponent stand up. The match again entered the barter.

Round 2: Kai continued to take the initiative to attack with the jab and then the combo. Mark punched back, but he didn't really succeed with the changes. Kai repeatedly launched tower sweeps. Mark did not let the opponent like that, whenever Kai fights with leg kick, Mark retaliates immediately with jab and combo. Very nice punch from Mark.

Round 3: This time Mark actively attacked from the beginning of the half. Another right punch caused Kai a little wobbly, but Kai recovered quite quickly and was overwhelming when he entered the exchange with Mark, constantly launching body shots and punches on the forehead, leaving consequences. is a cut on the opponent's forehead. Mark still seems to be waiting for the opportunity to counter the right punch, but Kai is very careful before this punch and keeps a considerable distance.

Kai Kara-France wins over Mark De La Rosa with a consensus score (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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Kai Kara France vs Mark De La Rosa preview

Kai Kara France is currently a relatively new fighter at UFC but has made a lot of impression for the audience. Only appeared 2 times at UFC but he overwhelmed the audience with his beautiful fighting style. Practicing at Tiger Muay Thai, the audience will surely see powerful attacks from him. Unlike the New Zealand boxer, his opponent is not fond of standing attacks.

Mark De La Rosa is a boxer who favors the tightening. Practicing at Factory X, Mark De La Rosa has made significant achievements in his BJJ career. Coming to MMA, he makes the most of his forte. The games that he ended in just the first minute or two with fastening showed his agility in the match. However, his ability to fight is a flaw. Perhaps he was too focused on locking, so he hadn't focused much on this part. Because of this, his current career at UFC has not been very smooth when in 4 matches here, he has lost two matches.

The fight between the two boxers can be quite intense but with Kai Kara's better fighting ability, he will have an advantage over the original. In order to defeat Kai Kara France, Mark De La Rosa needs to drag him to the floor. But Kai Kara France can fight takedown quite well. Mark will need many different tactics to defeat Kai.