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Eddie Alvarez vs Eduard Folayang preview, ONE Dawn Of Heroes

Eddie Alvarez vs Eduard Folayang preview, ONE Dawn Of Heroes

Let us analyze and predict the MMA match between Eddie Alvarez vs Eduard Folayang at the ONE Dawn Of Heroes event.

Eddie Alvarez vs Eduard Folayang match:

The clash at ONE Dawn Of Heroes, Eddie Alvarez vs Eduard Folayang will be the first time two former champions of the world's two biggest MMA leagues, ONE and UFC, face each other in ONE Championship. A match of fists who dominated their tournament at their own peak.

Having had a defeat at the top of the block at ONE A New Era last March, Eduard Folayang and Eddie Alvarez were all considered to be in the midst of a decline in their careers. With "Lanslide" Eduard Folayang, the Filipino hero was unable to recreate the historic victory over Shinya Aoki when he was soon subdued by a lock in the first half in the rematch.

On Eddie Alvarez's side, the results were worse when confronted with a less-than-famed rival, the "The Underground King" Timofey Nastyukhin, but nothing but embarrassment at the Russian fighter's ability to stand firm. Eddie's debut at ONE Championship has become one of the most unforgettable memories of his career.

Preparing the Senate on August 2nd, Eduard Folayang's firm fighting style is considered a small challenge for Eddie Alvarez. Because despite losing to Shinya Aoki at the lock-in skills of the Japanese legend, Folayang is still one of the scariest striker at ONE Lightweight, as evidenced by the absolute victory over Amir Khan at the end of the year. last.

Meanwhile, Eddie Alvarez was originally from a wrestler but had a habit of maintaining the match in a standing position, which caused him to fail in at least two recent highs.

Maybe Eddie Alvarez's defeat at ONE A New Era is just a kick when this is the first time he's played at 77kg after years - when speed, accuracy and flexibility can be reduced. However, the advantages of bodybuilding and skill diversity of Alvarez are indisputable, if you continue to combine the skills of fighting with the same ability as before - the duel with Eduard Folayang will The door to victory for "The Underground King" is much more than that.

However, just a bit of a miscarriage and a tactical mistake such as the confrontation with Timofey Nastyukhin, Eddie Alvarez will surely pay for the knockout ability of the Filipino puncher who is still a weapon that can appear in any way. any time of the match.

Predictions: Eddie Alvarez wins by scoring.