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Can Billy Joe Saunders vs Callum Smith match be organized thanks to Eddie Hearn?

Can Billy Joe Saunders vs Callum Smith match be organized thanks to Eddie Hearn?

After terminating the contract with Frank Warren, Billy Joe Saunders became Eddie Hearn's partner.

According to ESPN, Super Middleweight Champion Billy Joe Saunders (28-0, 13 KOs) has officially signed a contract with Matchie Boxing company Eddie Hearn. With Callum Smith, the fist holds the Super League championship of the WBA Super Middleweight League, which is also a boxer of the Matchroom Company, where both of them will be able to match.

Eddie Hearn also confirmed that the official press conference of BIlly Joe Saunder will take place in London. It is certain that Mr. Hearn will soon find an opponent for Saunders.

Currently in his 29th year, Saunder relocated the Middleweight weight to the Super Middleweight after he lost the 73kg class championship title because of a banned substance and impossibility to Demetrius Andrade.

Although he explained that because he had been using the nasal congestion medication for a while since the banning of the banned substance test and therefore the results were affected, WBO did not accept his explanation. However, the victory over Shefat Isufi and winning the WBO championship in the Super Middleweight weight in May may be considered a comfort reward for him.

If the match between Billy Joe Saunders and Callum Smith takes place, this will be a very exciting match as both fists possess the Super Middleweight championship title and the unbeaten performance table.

Eddie Hearn will certainly want this to happen, and Billy Joe Saunders himself has also sent a challenge to Callum Smith. However, the only obstacle that made this match yet to happen was Callum Smith's desire to challenge the champion representing WBC Canelo Alvarez.