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2019 FedEx Cup reached the top 5 bonus sports events

2019 FedEx Cup reached the top 5 bonus sports events

The end-of-season golfer tournament of the US Open tennis tournament in the world sports bonus race.

2019 FedEx Cup bonus fund nearly doubled compared to the previous season, from 35 million to 60 million. This number has surpassed US $ 50.4 million of the US Open - the tournament has set a new record of total prize money in tennis history. Two US single-content content champions this year will receive each person $ 3.7 million, while the owner of the FedEx Cup title will have $ 15 million.

The total amount of FedEx Cup 2019 is a bit less than the World Series - the league of the North American Baseball League has a reward fund of 66 million USD. This amount is still not possible compared to the classic boxing matches, where stars like Mayweather can earn hundreds of millions of dollars after each victory.

Ranking second in prize fund is Formula 1 racing with $ 700 million for the whole season. This figure is far below the 2.3 billion USD of the UEFA Champions League - the event just announced it will increase the bonus in the 2019-2020 season. Accordingly, each win in the group stage will help the club earn three million USD. If the Champions League champions do not lose in the next season, they can pocket $ 92 million.

At FedEx Cup 2019, in addition to bonuses that increase by half for champions, golfers also play in a new format. The reset point law is no longer available, instead the rankings of golfers after this week's BMW Championship will determine the number of advantages they have in the Championship Tour next week. The leader will go to East Lake with a score of -10, the second will be -8 and reduce each club to the fifth position.

Golfers from 6th to 10th receive -4 points, from positions 11 to 15 are -3, between 16 and 20 are -2 and between 21 and 25 are -1. The last four in the top 30 will have no advantage in score. Tour Championship champion, therefore, is also the winner of this year's FedEx Cup season. Brooks Koepka is leading the FedEx Cup score, followed by Patrick Reed and Rory McIlroy. But the hierarchy of golfers can be disturbed after the BMW Championship.