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Why are golfers constantly setting new records in BMW Championship?

Why are golfers constantly setting new records in BMW Championship?

Being the battleground for the Ryder Cup and major leagues in the past, the Medinah Stadium (par72) proved too easy for many golfers to host this year's BMW Championship.

In the first round, Justin Thomas and Jason Kokrak's 65 strokes are on the pitch. One day later, Hideki Matsuyama broke this mold with 63 sticks. In the third round, Thomas set a new record with 61 strokes and dominated the top of the table. This is also the current record of the Medinah Stadium, when the BMW Championship closes with the championship to Thomas.

Of the 69 golfer contenders, through all four rounds, only two people beat more than par.

In front of BMW Championship 2019, Medinah was once considered a difficult field for golfers.

Medinah has twice hosted the PGA Championship in 1999 and 2006. In 2012, this place saw the heroic competition between America and Europe in the world's most attractive Ryder Cup team.

The final round, Thomas took the lead with a score of - 21, less than 6 strokes compared to Tony Finau and Patrick Cantlay. At the top of the rankings, there were 17 golfers reaching -10 or better.

Thomas belongs to a large group of golfers who fought his first career match in Medinah. He was not surprised to see too good transcripts at this year's BMW Championship. The star, born in 1993, said: "The ground is not important. If fairway and green are soft in good condition, we will tear them apart".

As Thomas said, the condition of the Medinah yard and weather conditions facilitated golfers. The rains soften the yard, turning green into "beer dart" so that they can pin the ball into a convenient position during the flag attacks.

The wind direction in the other round is the first round, making some players staggered, but with the remaining golfers, this factor is not significant.

In the training round, Tony Finau did not expect a "birdie festival" to appear in the tournament. He said: "If you said that someone could hit 61 strokes, I would say it's a joke."

In fact, Finau finished in fourth place with 67-66-68-69 strokes, achieving a total score of -18. "From the fairway, the direction to the green is wider because the surface of the area is not much bouncing. The green surface is also wider. Whether the ball is swirled or swept, it does not roll too far on the green. Estimate the specifications. In each hole, we just beat and didn't have to calculate much”, he added.

When crowned at the 1999 PGA Championship, Tiger Woods' overall score at Medinah was -11. At that time, Sergio Garcia was the only golfer to score at the two-digit level. When he took the PGA Championship again, on the same pitch in 2006, Woods rolled the finish with a score of -18.

At this year's BMW Championship, Woods competes less than expected and is not present in the Tour Championship. "Super Tiger" commented: "We all thought the Medinah yard was difficult, the rough area (the high grass area was the obstacle to the blow); often it was impossible to enter the green from the rough but somehow, many found "A birdie solution. It's amazing how many people beat it like that".

Over 3 rounds of the second playoff tournament in the FedEx Cup race 2019, up to 30 eagle points, of which 19 points are scored in the fifth, par5, 536 yard long.