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Brooks Koepka underestimates Rory McIlroy in a surpised way

Brooks Koepka underestimates Rory McIlroy in a surpised way

World No. 1 Golfer Brooks Koepka doesn't see Rory McIlroy as a worthy opponent.

"I have been at the PGA Tour for 5 years", Koepka told AFP.

"During that time, Rory won no major. So, I don't see him as a rival".

The last time Rory McIlroy won the major was at the PGA Championship 2014 - a time when Koepka was struggling to get a PGA Tour membership card. In the past five years, Brooks Koepka won four major and McIlroy got nothing in the big playground.

Koepka and McIlroy are the two best golfers PGA Tour in 2019, with the same three titles. Koepka maintained his habit of shining in the major arenas when winning two major, while McIlroy was the most stable golfer with the FedEx Cup championship. Koepka was the best golfer of the year according to the American Professional Golf Association, and McIlroy was the best according to the PGA Tour.

Since the PGA Championship in May, Koepka has firmly held the number one position in the world. McIlroy chased right after but still more than 2.5 points average Koepka. "I don't care about who is behind", Koepka said. "I am the best. Immediately the road is wide and I will not look in the rearview mirror".

After letting the best golfer of the PGA Tour award go to McIlroy, Koepka repeatedly showed his disobedience. If taking the major measure as the most important criterion, Koepka deserves more than two championships and twice into the top 4. Experts and McIlroy himself also thought that the prestigious personal award could not slip out of Koepka. But the voting results sided with McIlroy, surprising all the fans.