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Real Madrid does not rush to let Takefusa Kubo play

Real Madrid does not rush to let Takefusa Kubo play

The positive performances by Takefusa Kubo did not help the Japanese midfielder to play in a Real Madrid team next season.

Answering El Chiringuito TV, head coach Zinedine Zidane said: "The plan is that Kubo will still play for the Castilla team, while training with the first team. He is as young as Rodrygo and Vinicius Junior so we are not in a hurry use".

This statement by Zidane also considered closing the Kubo will be registered to play for Real Madrid's first team in the 2019/20 season. The Japanese midfielder since joining Real has attracted media attention thanks to impressive performances.

He debuted in Real in a 1-3 defeat against Bayern Munich at the ICC Cup. Marca then called Kubo a "global phenomenon" when he made all the attention thanks to skillful handling of the ball.

On the training ground, Takefusa Kubo made the star-studded teammates at Real with the ball go through several players before finishing the goal. In Real's recent 5-3 win over Fernebahce, Kubo only played 17 minutes but made the Marca sheet describe as "still making the fans wake up". Earlier, in the 0-1 defeat to Tottenham, Kubo also left a mark.

However, Kubo still shows Japanese style modesty. "I don't want all to pay attention to me. I understand what's going on and what people expect in Japan. I don't like that, and just want to focus on the pitch," Kubo admitted.

"That attitude will stay long with Real" is Zidane's statement about Kubo. Marca also soon identified that Kubo will compete with rookie 45 million euros from Santos as Rodrygo for the last non-EU players in the first team Real.

With the statement just released, it seems that the French military has made a choice. He will not let Kubo be ripe and Rodrygo will be the last piece for a Real Madrid team in the 2019/20 season.