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Liverpool’s summer tour schedule 2019 (July 12th – August 7th)

Liverpool’s summer tour schedule 2019 (July 12th – August 7th)

Liverpool’s summer tour schedule 2019. Update Liverpool’s friendly and tour schedule in the summer of 2019 (July 12th – August 7th).

Before starting new season, captain Jordan Henderson spoke his opinion about Premier League 2019/20 title race, as he mentioned about the determination of the whole team to bounce back from last year's runner-up position.

"Liverpool is rich in history and caliber, worthy of competing big titles year after year, and hopefully last season is just the beginning", Henderson said.

"The team desires more. We look back at the Premier League season with great pride. To achieve 97 points and lose only one game in the entire season is the team's extraordinary achievement. Of course, we were disappointed to miss the title by just one point, but see this as the motivation to fight for the upcoming season. We will do what we can to repay the fans".

"On behalf of the members, I want to thank the fans with trust and support. We are fortunate to have great fans at Liverpool, your support makes a difference", captain Henderson sent to fans.

Under the plan of new season, Liverpool will regroup again in early July. After 2 weeks of training, Juergen Klopp and his players will enter a friendly match and play with an average of 3 days / match, starting with Tranmere Rovers (July 12th) and ending with a duel with Schalke 04 (August 7th).

In recent years, Liverpool often choose the United States as a tourist destination, to attract more fans here. The team also has big sponsors from the US such as Standard Chatered or New Balance sports supplier. The period from 19-24 / 7 is the time when MLS tournament is playing, so Liverpool will not meet any team in this tournament. The partners in the United States are all excited to welcome one of Europe's strongest teams at this time.

Liverpool's summer Asian tour schedule 2019

02:30 (GMT +8), July 12th (UK): Tranmere Rovers vs Liverpool

22:00 (GMT +8), July 14th (England): Bradford City vs Liverpool

08:00 (GMT +8), July 20th (USA): Borussia Dortmund vs Liverpool

06:00 (GMT +8), July 22nd (USA): Sevilla vs Liverpool

08:00 (GMT +8), July 25th (USA): Sporting Lisbon vs Liverpool

22:00 (GMT +8), July 28th (Scotland): SSC Napoli vs Liverpool

22:00 (GMT +8), July 31st (Switzerland): Olympique Lyon vs Liverpool

2:00 (GMT +8), August 7th (UK): Liverpool vs Schalke 04