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Defeating Liverpool after the series of fateful penalties, Manchester City won 2019 FA Community Shield

Defeating Liverpool after the series of fateful penalties, Manchester City won 2019 FA Community Shield

Manchester City have excellently beat Liverpool on a deadly penalty, thereby winning their first title in the new season.

Goal: Matip 77 '- Sterling 12'.

Penalty kick: (Shaqiri, Lallana, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Salah) 4 - 5 (Gundogan, Bernardo, Foden, Zinchenko, Jesus).

Liverpool and Manchester City opened their new Premier League season with an exciting confrontation at the 2019 FA Community Shield match on Wembley Stadium. With the names and qualifications of the two teams, the audience watching this match has witnessed a beautiful attack party.

When the ball of the final was less than 5 minutes into the roll, each team had a shot, the clock passed 10 minutes, a total of 4 shots were released. The two teams almost did not let the rest rest, constantly launching an attack.

Early start-up, the goal is not difficult to predict. After a successful goal by Liverpool's brightest star Mohamed Salah, Sterling responded with a goal. Manchester City took the lead in the 11th minute.

This match saw Salah's tireless efforts, Mane was absent during the day. Salah alone carried public goods, for 90 minutes, the Egyptian star had to launch nearly 10 shots, but not once did he defeat the goalkeeper Bravo.

When the best strikers were still struggling, Matip's substitute in the second half was promptly spoken. He tucked his head neatly after Van Dijk's assisted effort, Liverpool pulled the game into balance when the game was only 15 minutes away.

The last minute was when Manchester City viewers "sat on the fire" when they saw the home team suffered from the storms of Liverpool. However, no more goals were scored. The two teams entered the series of brain weighing pen.

Here, City showed their bravery when they did not miss once, while Liverpool side Wijnaldum became a sinner when he was the only one to slip. Manchester City won the first championship in a dramatic season.

With Bravo personally, he plays the hero and deserves to be voted best in this final.

Starting squad

Liverpool: Alisson (GK); Robertson, Van Dijk, Gomez, Arnold; Wijnaldum, Fabinho, Henderson; Origi, Roberto Firmino, Salah.

Manchester City: Bravo (GK); Zinchenko, Stones, Otamendi, Walker; D.Silva, Rodrigo, Kevin De Bruyne; Sterling, Sane, B.Silva.