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China is about to host the FIFA Club World Cup

China is about to host the FIFA Club World Cup

An exciting and 'unprecedented' tournament in the system of famous clubs around the world is being nurtured. China will be the first host country of FIFA Club World Cup's new version.

China is set to be the host of an expanded version of the @FIFA Club World Cup!, which is scheduled to take place in 2021. According to the New York Times and many prestigious newspapers. On the other hand, final decisions will be made at the FIFA Council meeting, held in Shanghai on Thursday.

The expanded FIFA Club World Cup is expected to involve 24 teams, held every 4 years. This new tournament will be the replacement for the annual Confederations Cup and World Cup Club.

This plan has received many objections from the European Football Federation. However, most likely it will still be planned organization.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino has had discussions with UEFA over the desire to bring a whole new tournament. Infantino shared that a group of secret investors had agreed to pour $ 25 billion into this plan.

According to FIFA Infantino president, the expansion of the FIFA Club World Cup will bring more opportunities for teams outside Europe. Specifically, in addition to the guaranteed slots awarded to four teams winning the Europa League and four teams winning the Champions League in four seasons, the remaining slots will be given to the championship teams in club-level tournaments in other continents. In addition to 8 seats from the Europa and Champions League as mentioned above, there will be 6 seats from South America, each continent of Africa, Asia and Concacaf occupy 3 seats, 1 capacity from Oceania.

A total of 24 teams from these 6 continents will compete in the format of 8 tables, 3 teams each. The top 8 teams in the group stage will enter the quarterfinals.

According to the FIFA Council, China is the first name chosen for this "innovative" tournament. Football in China has always been the focus, which is the No. 1 concern of President Xi Jinping. The Chinese government and private industry have invested heavily in football as part of a plan to promote the development of Chinese football. Hosting the World Cup (not the Club World Cup) in the near future is also Xi Jinping's biggest dream.

If this tournament becomes a reality, the AFC Champions League champions such as Guangzhou Evergrande will have the opportunity to face the UEFA Champions League champions such as Liverpool, Real Madrid or Barca.

Let's wait for the day when stars like Hulk, Oscar or naturalized star Elkeson confront Van Dijk, Salah ...