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Barca gives Neymar a condition if he wants to return to the club

Barca gives Neymar a condition if he wants to return to the club

The deal brought Neymar back to Barcelona that could collapse if the Brazilian striker continued to rebel.

Neymar is believed to have voluntarily left Paris Saint Germain to join forces with Brazil last month. Sport newspaper later said the Brazilian striker was still rebellious, insisting that he would not return to the French team on the first day of preparation for the new season next week.

Neymar's actions clearly show that they no longer want to be attached to Paris Saint Germain. The 27-year-old striker is putting pressure on the club to sell himself to Barcelona. However, the former star Santos's trick can make the situation worse. Paris Saint Germain has the right to "freeze" Neymar, and does not agree to let this point go.

Therefore, Sport newspaper revealed that the representative of Catalonia requested Neymar to return to Paris (France). In addition, they wanted him to publicly express his intention to go to Barcelona. The leadership of La Liga champions believed that Neymar's stubbornness and rebellion only led them to gradually approach the South American star.

Not to mention the relationship between Paris Saint Germain and Barcelona has long been not good. Along with the rebellion of Neymar, this will cause Barcelona missions to recruit Brazilian striker to go to a dead end. To date, the team at the Camp Nou has not made any clear moves to reclaim Brazil's goalscorer.

Next week, coach Thomas Tuchel will have a press conference to share the team's plans and goals for the new season. At that time, the German strategist could answer all questions about Neymar's future. It is rumored that Paris Saint Germain will leave a 222 million euro contract if it receives the right price.

El Mundo Deportivo newspaper said that the owners of the Prince Park yard hope to collect 130 million euros, plus Philippe Coutinho and Samuel Umtiti or Ivan Rakitic in the contract through the sale of Neymar to Barcelona. But so far, they still keep secrets related to the team's plan.