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Algeria won the 2019 CAN title despite shooting only once in the final

Algeria won the 2019 CAN title despite shooting only once in the final

Baghdad Bounedjah's lucky goal in the final helped Algeria beat Senegal to win CAN 2019 title. This is also the only shot of Algeria in the final

Situation takes place in the second minute, CAN finals. The Algerian striker Baghdad Bounedjah made the ball into the area and curled it into the area, but was blocked by Senegal defender.

But luckily came to Bounedjah with Algeria when the ball hit Sane defender's foot, accidentally creating a trajectory too difficult for goalkeeper Gomis. The ball flew over the top of the goalkeeper and stabbed into the goal so he just stood still.

The goal was lucky but it did not affect the joy of Algerian players. Bounedjah enthusiastically celebrated with his teammates despite Sadio Mane's dismay on the opposite side.

The pretty "crazy" goal above is probably the most memorable goal of Baghdad Bounedjah. This striker does not have many names, currently playing in the Qatar Championship for Al Sadd. Here, he achieved a remarkable scoring performance with 93 goals in 72 matches.

Algeria won the 2019 CAN title despite shooting only once in the final

In Senegal's technical area, the reserve players were not disappointed with the goal. It was a ball that in a beautiful day, they did not concede.

In order to concede early, Senegal rushed to find a goal and create some chances on Algeria's goal but no chance was really dangerous. The ball is still towards Sadio Mane - the brightest star of the team.

Mane's speed repeatedly torments enemy defenses, typically like this when the Algerian midfielder Guedioura is nearly impotent in chasing Mane. The second half, Liverpool striker had a powerful shot that slipped the shoe but was stopped by Algerian defender.

The climax of the second half came in the 60th minute when the ball from the Senegal player's cross touched Guedioura in Algeria. The initial referee gave Senegal a penalty but after referring to VAR, he determined the hand of the Algerian player who was close to him and dropped the penalty.

The second half saw Senegal's tireless efforts in finding goals, while the opposite side, Mahrez and Algeria actively took the initiative. City striker also has no chance in this half.

Senegal players are constantly launching shots but are all inaccurate or fail to beat the Algerian goalkeeper. They launched 12 definitive shots but only 3 hit and failed to score.

Meanwhile, Algeria only shooted once, and ironically for Senegal, that was the only goal of the match. This strike was enough to help Algeria win the CAN 2019.

Riyad Mahrez could not hide his rejoice after the 2019 CAN championship. He was the one who launched a dangerous free-kick in the semi-final to bring Algeria to the final.

This is the second time Algeria is the CAN champion. Before that they were crowned in 1990.