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WE DON'T TALK ANYMORE: Chemical company rejects to give prize money to Vietnam women's team as promise

WE DON'T TALK ANYMORE: Chemical company rejects to give prize money to Vietnam women's team as promise

A Vietnamese company has been recently involved in a scandal after it denied rewarding prize money to Vietnam women's national football team.

A few weeks ago, Vietnam women's national football team surprised the audience by beating Thailand in the final match of the 30th SEA Games women's football event to become the champion.

Thanks to that achievement, many companies made a contact to reward prize money to the women's team, which encouraged them to go on playing football in the following years.

However, some companies just saw this occasion as a chance for them to take advantage of Vietnamese girls to promote their business as much as possible. Duc Giang Chemical Company was one of them.

Last month, Duc Giang company released an announcement in which they promised to give 500 million Vietnamese dongs, which is equal to 22,000USD, to Vietnam women's team.

The company's representation also took a photo with Vietnam women's team head coach Mai Duc Chung, sharing it on social media. However, that amount of money would be never given to Vietnamese girls, because Duc Giang refused to do it.

According to the company, instead of giving the prize money to the team, they just wanted to reward some certain members, so they asked VFF to give them the squad list.

"I am surprised by that demand", said head coach Mai Duc Chung. "Initially, the team will decide to do that, not the sponsors. That case has never happened before, and they even promised to all team members.

We have nothing to hide, so I do not know why they are afraid that money would not be given to the players". Consequently, coach Chung said Vietnam women's team was hurt so bad by that occasion, so they refused to receive that amount of money as well as talk about it.

Interestingly, the owner of Duc Giang company is one of the richest men in Vietnam, having an estimated net worth of 22 million USD.