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Vietnam U23 team can play a friendly match against Saudi Arabia U23 after 30th SEA Games

Vietnam U23 team can play a friendly match against Saudi Arabia U23 after 30th SEA Games

Sharing recently with the press about the long preparation process for tournaments at the end of the year, Vice President Tran Quoc Tuan said the Vietnam Football Federation will try to arrange and agree to Vietnam U23 to play against a very strong opponent: Saudi Arabia U23.

At the end of 2019, early 2020 is a very busy time of Vietnamese football, in the middle of September, the National Team will attend the 2022 World Cup Qualifier, at the end of November, Vietnam U23 will hit the road. Philippines conquered the SEA Games Gold Medal and just over a month, they will also attend the U23 Asian Championship 2020.

In addition to the World Cup qualifiers at the team level, VFF and Coach Park Hang-seo are devoting a great deal of attention and preparation for both the SEA Games 30 and the Asian U23 Championships 2020. Evidence is that from this moment, Mr. Park and his students are having the first gathering in PVF center to train and find new factors.

From now until the end of November, Vietnam U23 will have at least 5 more focused sessions, along with two friendly matches with Kitchee SC club of Hong Kong (August 15th) and China U22 (September 8th).

Immediately after the end of SEA Games on December 9th, the coach Park Hang-seo and the players will continue to plunge into training to prepare for U23 Asian champions, as runners-up Asian champions, Vietnam U23 Nam really wants to continue that success.

Reportedly, during a short training day in South Korea after SEA Games, the Vietnam Football Federation will arrange and arrange for Vietnam U23 to play friendly against a very strong opponent, Saudi Arabia U23.

“Right after the end of SEA Games, Vietnam U23 will have a training trip in Korea. Expectedly, they will have 2 friendly matches. Currently, we are contacting Saudi Arabia to let the team have training matches before we leave for Thailand to attend the 2020 U23 AFC Championships"- VFF Vice President Tran Quoc Tuan shared with Football newspaper.

This will be seen as the final important preparation before the departure of Park Hang-seo and his teachers to Thailand to attend the U23 Asian Championship.

At the tournament held in January 2020 atThailand, in the squad of Vietnam U23 Team, there are still names that once made a victory a year ago like Nguyen Quang Hai, Thai Quy, Bui Tien Dung, Thanh Chung.

During the short-term gathering at PVF at the present time (from July 8 to July 11), Park Hang Seo coach will prioritize to find new factors in accordance with the team's philosophy and gameplay, the The most notable name in this meeting was striker Nguyen Tien Linh, who is in high form at V.League 2019 and is expected to be the main striker of Vietnam U23 at SEA Games 30 as well as U23 Asian championship.