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SURPRISE? Doan Van Hau sidelined on the bench because he cannot speak English

SURPRISE? Doan Van Hau sidelined on the bench because he cannot speak English

The main reason that tackle Doan Van Hau to play for the first team of SC Heerenveen is the problems of communication skills.

Despite having the debut match as a player of SC Heerenveen in December, Doan Van Hau could not have any chance to play in Eredivisie again.

Recently, he was only used in the matches of the reserve team, and coach Johnny Jansen admitted that he could not let Doan Van Hau play for the senior team in the current situation.

Moreover, he also revealed why he did not pick Doan Van Hau for official games: The Vietnamese player could not speak or listen to English well, which made him unable to communicate with other players on the field.

Meanwhile, Hanoi FC's head coach Chu Dinh Nghiem also confirmed that Doan Van Hau met some problems of communication.

In terms of Vietnamese players, the lack of communication skills is the main reason that makes them unable to play football abroad.

Even the legend Le Cong Vinh met many problems when he moved to Portugal to play for the Leixoes on loan from Hanoi FC 10 years ago. After returning to Vietnam, Le Cong Vinh decided to learn English to prepare for the next journey in his professional career.

As a result, he had some great experiences when he played for the Japanese club Consadole Sapporo, which competed at J2 League at that time.

When Thai Messi Chanathip Songkrasin decided to play in Japan, he said the main reason making him choose Consadole Sapporo was the fact that that was the former club of Le Cong Vinh.