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REVEAL: The noteworthy clause in the new contract between VFF and coach Park Hang Seo has been spread

REVEAL: The noteworthy clause in the new contract between VFF and coach Park Hang Seo has been spread

According to Vietnamese media, along with the salary increase, the targets that Park Hang Seo coach must implement in the new contract with VFF will be much heavier than before.

Over the past few days, the future of the "charm" between coach Park Hang Seo and Vietnamese football is attracting great interest from both experts and fans. With resounding successes with Golden Dragons for nearly two years, Mr. Park is receiving absolute love and support from supporters and players.

As FOX Sports reported, Mr. Lee Dong Jun - representative of Park Hang Seo coach shared about the time to discuss the new contract between the Korean strategist and the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF). Accordingly, it is expected that next week, Mr. Lee will be present in Hanoi Vietnam to conduct negotiations.

However, right now, some noteworthy provisions in the new contract have been revealed. According to Thanh Nien, Park Hang Seo's representative suggested that his new salary would be $ 50,000, up $ 30,000 compared to the old contract.

The policy of VFF leaders is to agree to increase the salary of Park's coach so as to match his contributions as well as in the affordability of the Vietnam Football Federation. Besides the budget, VFF is mobilizing the resources of society to ensure financial issues.

Of course, along with the increase in monthly income, the targets set for the Korean military authorities in the coming time will be much heavier than before. That includes achievements in the World Cup 2022 qualification, with tickets to the 2023 Asian Cup finals, successfully defending the AFF Cup 2020 championship. In addition, it is also the goal of winning the 31st SEA Games gold medal in 2021 and achieving good results at the Asian U23 Finals 2020. If the above criteria are agreed by the parties, the new contract with a term of at least two and a half years will be signed.

These are terms that are not easy to implement, especially in the present time when the Golden Dragons forces are in serious chaos with injuries of many pillars. However, with his talent, Park Hang Seo coach is still expected to continue to bring the Vietnamese football team to success in the future.