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Doan Van Hau's honour at the age of 20: Chinese media cannot hide their admiration

Doan Van Hau's honour at the age of 20: Chinese media cannot hide their admiration

China's Sina Sports expressed their admiration for Doan Van Hau, the pride of Vietnamese football today.

Sina Sports page has just had a long analysis of Doan Van Hau, showing admiration for his spectacular strides in the colors of Vietnamese teams.

Wonderful Doan Van Hau

"In mid-March there have been transfer rumors, and have been mentioned more recently. The Vietnamese defender, Doan Van Hau, may prepare to Monchengladbach (Gladbach) in the summer transfer window, with a 3 year contract", Sina Sports opened.

"Doan Van Hau's reputation in Europe is not great. The possibility that he will really come to the Bundesliga or not is unknown. But for Vietnamese football and Southeast Asia, this is a big step".

Sina Sports emphasized: "Doan Van Hau's career has not started too long. But he has spectacular leaps. This time it is a jump high enough for continental football".

Vu Manh, author of the article, commented: "In recent years, Vietnamese football has made significant progress. Doan Van Hau is a really big player".

In 2016, at the age of 17, Van Hau attended the Asian U19 tournament, where Vietnam reached the semi-finals. After that, he and the Vietnamese team competed in the 2017 U20 World Cup.

Although Vietnam was eliminated from the group stage, Van Hau was selected by Fox Sports Asia to join the best 11 Asian players in the tournament.

Van Hau was born in 1999, attended the U20 World Cup tournament when he was 18, this can be considered a leap in terms of class.

2018 is the time when Vietnamese football makes the biggest echo in Asia. In the U23 AFC Championship in China, Vietnam reached the final. They won against Qatar in the semi-finals.

This Qatar team is a key component of the recent Asian Cup 2019 squad. They, the Qatar team, won against China in U23 AFC tournament.

Doan Van Hau, at the age of 18, is the mainstay of U23 Vietnam. He is particularly good at playing against strong opponents Iraq and Qatar. Tall and slim, running smoothly and speedily, Van Hau is called "whirlwind" of Vietnam ".

China dreams of having a Doan Van Hau

"After the performances of the youth teams, Doan Van Hau continues to impress Vietnam in the Asian Cup", continued Sina Sports. "Van Hau is excellent defensively and boldly in attack. In the round of 1/8, he displayed a high level of defense ability against Jordan.

In the quarterfinal against Japan, Van Hau was under tremendous pressure from football stars in France (Hiroki Sakai) and the Netherlands (Ritsu Doan). They kept switching roles, but Van Hau still played beautifully.

Japan won 1-0, but Van Hau showed excellent performance. At the end of the match, he kicks in the middle, and often wins the opponent.

Perhaps, the imprint in the Asian Cup 2019 is the biggest factor for him to be interested in Gladbach, and full of opportunities for the Bundesliga".

Sina Sports did not mention Vietnam's success in the AFF Cup 2018. However, the article gives enough evidence to show that Chinese football can only dream about a player like Doan Van Hau.

Doan Van Haus honour at the age of 20: Chinese media cannot hide their admiration

"It is normal for a 19-year-old to play on every continent. Chinese football has many young players in the professional league, some of whom are registered by foreign clubs.

But, which of them reached the semi-finals of the Asian U19, the Asian U23 runner-up, and the Asian Cup quarter-finals? Even, not many faces can compete a place in the national team.

Doan Van Hau, just 19 years old, is an elite representative of Vietnam. At the very least, he is far ahead of Chinese players of the same age".

Author Vu Manh's article on Sina Sports received a lot of support from Chinese fans.

Jyansong_456 commented: "I am about to turn 20, but have the opportunity to go to the Bundesliga. What about our players? 20, even 23, playing in the Super League is very rare".

User account 6500137056, from Nanning, Guangxi, offered the opinion of many Sina Sports readers (via the "Like" button and answered): "In the next 10 years, if the Chinese team may find it difficulty to win the Vietnamese team".

Fu Buxiang Account 26953 answered the opinion of account 6500137056: "I thought of naturalization, naturalization and naturalization to win Vietnam".

Account 5033391699 epressed full of exclamation: "Oh look he's mature".

Doan Van Hau information:

Date of birth: April 19th, 1999 (20 years old), Thai Binh, Vietnam

Height: 1,85 m

Weight: 70 kg

Nationality: Vietnamese

Professional player career * (appearances - goals)

Five Team ST † (BT) †

2017- Hanoi 27 (5)

September 2019 - now: SC Heerenven

National team (appearances - goals)

2017 U-18 Vietnam 3 (0)

2016- U-19 Vietnam 15 (2)

2017 U-20 Vietnam 5 (0)

2017- U-23 Vietnam 24 (3)

2017- Vietnam 18 (0)

Doan Van Haus honour at the age of 20: Chinese media cannot hide their admiration