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Serious injury ends Luong Xuan Truong's 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier journey

Serious injury ends Luong Xuan Truong's 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier journey

In the afternoon training session, midfielder Luong Xuan Truong was injured and could not complete the exercise with his teammates.

After a day of relaxation, the Vietnam national team resumed training to prepare for the match against Malaysia on October 10th. The training session of the team took place in a fun atmosphere, full of the laughter of the players. The exercises are not too heavy, mainly for players to get used to the feeling of the ball and maintain fitness. However, the "accident" happened at the end of the training session.

While the whole team was training, midfielder Luong Xuan Truong was suddenly injured and could not continue training. The midfielder of Hoang Anh Gia Lai could not move from the training ground and had to rely on the help of captain Que Ngoc Hai. It seems that this is a quite serious injury for Xuan Truong. Before that, Xuan Truong went to the training ground with the full physical state.

This is really bad news for Coach Park Hang Seo. Although the midfield of Vietnam has many options, Xuan Truong has long been the trump card of the Korean coach. The long passes or the attacking phase of midfielder HAGL always bring diverse counterattack options for Vietnam.

Ending the training session, assistant Tuan Nguyen Giap gave an update on the situation of Xuan Truong's injury: “We will take Xuan Truong to see the doctor in the morning to know the situation. We cannot conclude anything at this time”.

The Tuyen Quang player could not walk normally and had to ask for help from Doctor Tuan and a guard. After a brief MRI scan, he and his doctor took the car to leave. According to the latest information, the player of Hoang Anh Gia Lai has broken a cross ligament before and after the right knee.

This is a very serious injury, Xuan Truong will certainly take at least 9 months to a year to fully recover. Injury will also end Xuan Truong's journey with the Vietnamese team in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier.

In this focus, bad luck is sticking with coach Park Hang Seo. Before Xuan Truong, the Korean coach could not have participated in the training of Vo Huy Toan and To Van Vu. Along with the staging of the Hanoi FC pillars being exhausted at the AFC Cup, the match against Malaysia will face many difficulties.