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Do Hung Dung interview: Good at studying, almost become taxi driver

Do Hung Dung interview: Good at studying, almost become taxi driver

Vietnamese midfielder Do Hung Dung is very different from his teammates. While many football players dropped out of studying at early age, for Hung Dung, achieving good marks at school was the first condition to pursue his professional career.

- I heard that when you were a child, your dad did not support you to become a professional player?

- Do Hung Dung: In my family, my mother was very interested in football, watching as many matches as she could. However, my father was different, and he admitted that he did not like any sports. He loved his family, but he was also very strict.

I trained at the Hanoi FC youth team when I was 11, but my father said he did not see any signs showing that I could become a professional footballer.

At that time, I had to make a promise to him: I would be allowed to play football if I managed to become a top student in my class. Finally, I made it, so he let me do as I wanted.

Do Hung Dung interview: Good at studying, almost become taxi driver

- So... your first fan was your mother?

- Do Hung Dung: Yes. She was the first person who gave me the first ball when I was a child. Sometimes, she bought me a new ball made of plastic when she went shopping.

When my father did not allow me to play football, she tried to persuade him to change his mind. When I played at the youth team of Hanoi FC, she always managed to come to the training ground to see me playing.

As a result, it took so long for her to give the second birth.

- As you said, you almost lost the chance to become a professional footballer. How did you think at that time? Have you ever thought that you would work for another job?

- Do Hung Dung: When I was a young player, I did not have much time to play in official matches. There were many games that I was sidelined to see my teammates play.

Actually, my father once said I should think about the future without football. I was good at English, so if I did not become a football player, I could be an English teacher.

Do Hung Dung interview: Good at studying, almost become taxi driver

- ... or a taxi driver? I heard you were the first man at Hanoi FC youth team who had a car?

- Do Hung Dung: That thinking crossed my mind many years ago (laugh). In 2011. I was a member of the Hanoi FC youth team that won the National Youth Cup, and I received a huge amount of prize money - about 100 million VND (approximately $4,500).

At that time, my salary was only 500 thousand VND a month, so it was very, very much money. I brought it to my family, and my father said I should buy a motorbike. However, after spending more time thinking, I decided to buy a car.

My parents had to borrow money from family members to help me, so I thought about working as a taxi driver to clear the debt. Luckily, I chose not to do that.

- But when your dream came true, you did not have much time to spend with your family...

- Do Hung Dung: It is the life of a professional footballer. You chose it, and you should get used to living with it.

I got married last year, but because of my schedule, I did not have much time to be with my wife. I was blessed when she supported me to pursue my career because she knew that I was only happy when I played football.

Do Hung Dung interview: Good at studying, almost become taxi driver

- Even when you were called up to the Vietnam U22 team to compete at the 30th SEA Games men's football event?

- Do Hung Dung: Yes, I am a very lucky man. I had only two days to be with her when she gave the firstborn, then I went on traveling with the U22 team. At that time, coach Park Hang Seo let me return home a few days, and I appreciated that.

- Now you are the first-choice midfielder in Vietnam team, can you tell me what you did to do it?

- I only know how to train harder and harder, day by day. My teammates at Hanoi FC called me "Mister Google" because they can ask me everything, then I will find a way to answer it.

I also learn many things from veterans Nguyen Van Quyet and Pham Thanh Luong, who tell me how to eat on a daily basis as a real professional player.

When I am called up to the national team, I usually ask goalkeeper Dang Van Lam to know more about the training method.

- Does it seem that you are close to Dang Van Lam?

- Yes, we have been together since we were called to the Vietnam U19 team. At that time, I often shared with him my cartons of milk that I have (laugh).

- Thank you for taking the time with us!