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Hanoi FC players look forward to ending 2019 V-League 1

Hanoi FC players look forward to ending 2019 V-League 1

Although defeating SHB Da Nang, Hanoi FC are entering the most tired phase of the season when Hanoi FC must play at the same time in two V-League and 2019 AFC Cup matches.

Beating SHB Da Nang 2-1 in the early match of the 21th V-League round in the afternoon of August 16th on Hoa Xuan Stadium, Hanoi FC widened the gap with the second team of Ho Chi Minh City club to 8 points. Although winning but the students of coach Chu Dinh Nghiem are entering the most tired period of the season when they have to strain at the same time in two V-League and AFC Cup 2019 matches.

On August 20th, Hanoi FC will welcome the Altyn Asyr club of Turkmenistan in the 2019 AFC Cup semi-continental semi-final match which takes place on the field of Hang Day. Coach Chu Dinh Nghiem only had 3 days of rest and practice to prepare for this important match. After 7 days, Hanoi FC had a trip to return to Turkmenistan in the second leg, meaning the team would have to move quite tired to play, before the players named in the list summoned to Vietnam. Male prepares to play against Thailand in the Group G qualifiers for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Asia.

With the density of dense matches over the past time and here, the fact that Hanoi FC players hope V-League soon finishes is also understandable. Nguyen Quang Hai, Duy Manh, Hung Dung ... all have signs of overload when they have to play too much. This situation may have a significant impact on the V-League champion when he competes for the Vietnam team, which is based on the inspiration of playing the ball of the pillars in Hanoi FC.

Similarly, the decline of HAGL players in recent matches also caused headaches for head coach Park Hang Seo. The loss 0-3 against B.Binh Duong caused HAGL to risk losing the position of Sanna Khanh Hoa BVN team when receiving SLNA at home in this round.