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UEFA Champions League 2019/20 draw LIVE: What you need to know

UEFA Champions League 2019/20 draw LIVE: What you need to know

After the play-off round of the 2019/20 Champions League, UEFA will conduct a group stage draw, consisting of four seed groups.

Time and place of draw:

The draw for the Champions League group stage 2018/19 starts at 00:00 Friday, August 30th (GMT + 8), is held in Monaco and is broadcast live on

Teams participating in the draw

Spain: Barca, Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid, Valencia

England: Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur

Italy: Juventus, Napoli, Inter, Atalanta

Germany: Bayern Munich, Dortmund, Leverkusen, RB Leipzig

France: PSG, Lyon, Lille

Russia: Zenit, Lokomotiv Moscow

Portugal: Benfica

Ukraine: Shakhtar Donetsk

Belgium: Club Brugge, Genk

Turkey: Galatasaray

Austria: Salzburg

Greece: Olympiacos

Czech: Slavia Praha

Netherlands: Ajax

Croatia: GNK Dinamo

Serbia: Crvena Zvezda

Seed groups

Group 1: Liverpool (defending champion), Chelsea (Europa League champion), Barcelona, ​​Man City, Juventus, Bayern, PSG, Zenit.

Group 2: Real Madrid (UEFA coefficient of 146,000), Atletico Madrid (127,000), Dortmund (85,000), Napoli (80,000), Shakhtar Donetsk (80,000), Tottenham (78,000), Ajax (70,500), Benfica (68,000).

Group 3: Lyon (61,500), Leverkusen (61,000), Salzburg (54,500), Olympiacos (44,000), Club Brugge (39,500), Valencia (37,000), Inter (31,000), GNK Dinamo (29,500).

Group 4: Lokomotiv Moscow (28,500), Genk (25,000), Galatasaray (22,500), RB Leipzig (22,000), Slavia Praha (21,500), Crvena Zvezda (16,750), Atalanta (14,945), Lille (11,699).

Method of draw ceremony:

26 teams went straight into the group stage according to the competition system applied in the 2018/19 season plus 6 winners in the play-off round.

The teams are divided into 4 seed groups. Group 1 includes the defending champion, the Europa League champion and the champions of the six highest ranked countries. Groups 2 to 4 are determined by club coefficient rankings.

No team can meet a club from their own country.

Awards announced during the draw:

UEFA Player of the Year

UEFA Player of the Year award

Best goalkeeper in the Champions League 2018/19

Best defender of the Champions League 2018/19

Best midfielder in the Champions League 2018/19

Best striker Champions League 2018/19

Tournament schedule:

September 17-18, October 1-2 , October 22-23 , 5-6 , November 26-27, December 10-11

December 16th: draws for 1/8 round

March 20th: draw the quarterfinals and semi-finals