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Lionel Messi won the 2019 'UEFA Best Goal' award

Lionel Messi won the 2019 'UEFA Best Goal' award

Barca superstar Lionel Messi wins the 'UEFA Best Goal' award thanks to a free-kick to score 3-0 at the Champions League semi-final last season against Liverpool.

Lionel Messi overcame Cristiano Ronaldo and eight other opponents to win the "Best Goal" by readers from July 26 to September 8. Previously, the European Football Federation Technical Committee (UEFA) selected 10 goals in the European league season 2018-2019.

The organizers did not announce the voting rate, but Ronaldo finished second with a volley to open the scoring against Man Utd in the group stage of Juventus. Third place is midfielder Danilo (Portugal) with a long-range shot from Serbia in the Euro 2020 qualifier.

Lionel Messi's beautiful goal was made at 27 meters, left to the left of the goal. He finished with the mu lai cheek, put the ball in the trajectory of a banana with a speed of 98 km/h. The time from the moment the ball went to the point through the lime line was only 0.97 seconds. This is Messi's 600th goal for Barca, including 42 free kicks.

In that match, he scored twice, but in the end Barca could not reach the finals due to losing 0-4 at the return leg at Anfield. This is also the best goal in the Champions League last season.'s best goal prize of the season was born in 2015. This is the third time Messi won the prize, the previous two were 2015 and 2016. Last year, Ronaldo won the tournament with a goal against Juventus. in quarterfinals. The 2017 prize belongs to Mario Mandzukic with the bycicle kicking off against Real.