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Karma for Tristan Do: Thai defender may lose his place after insulting his root

Karma for Tristan Do: Thai defender may lose his place after insulting his root

Because of the poor performance in the losing game against Malaysia, Tristan Do can be sidelined when Thailand faces Vietnam at My Dinh Stadium.

From sources close to Thailand's national football team, head coach Akira Nishino disappointed due to believing in defenders namely Elias Dolah and Tristan Do. Consequently, he is considering to bench them in the next game. Nishino prefers using Tanaboon Kesarat as well as Nitipong Selanon, two players played well when Thailand defeated the United Arab Emirates at their home ground. Not only coach Nishino but Thai reporters harshly criticized the poor form of Elias Dolah and Tristan Do.

Instead of showing their best form to gain a place at starting line-ups, they showed a poor performance against a weaker opponent. They regularly neglected the defending task, hence Malaysia could score easily 2 goals to have a winning match. As a result, Thailand lost the leading position to Vietnam with 3 points lower, thus they must win the next match if they do not want to be eliminated soon.

In the case of Tristan Do, what he showed against Malaysia can be considered the worst match he has ever played for Thailand. Starting as a right-back, Tristan Do constantly lost in one-on-one situations. In the second conceded goal of Thailand, Tristan Do even did nothing but staring Malaysian players pass to each other in the penalty box. In the worst case, this can be the last match Tristan Do plays for Thailand national football team.

It seems karma for Tristan Do after insulting his Vietnamese root from time to time. In 2015, he revealed that he has an offer to play for Vietnam national football team from VFF, however, he chose Thailand because "Vietnam will never reach Thailand's level in football". Moreover, Tristan Do made millions of Vietnamese fans angry when he said he sees no relationship between him and Vietnam.