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Winning Thai Port FC, Buriram United rose to the top of Thai League

Winning Thai Port FC, Buriram United rose to the top of Thai League

In the 14th round of Thai League 2019 that took place on June 16th, Buriram United won against Thai Port FC away from home. Midfielder Luong Xuan Truong did not play this match.

Buriram United entered the match against Thai Port FC away from home with the desire to win to win the top spot. Midfielder Luong Xuan Truong started the match from the bench.

Buriram United's ambition is expressed right from the start of the game. 2 minutes into the match, Pedro Junior went into the penalty area and was fouled. On the 11th mark, Andres Tunez made no mistake to open the score for Buriram United.

Having conceded early goals, the Thai home team Thai Port FC came up and created many dangerous opportunities on the Buriram United goal. But the excellence of goalkeeper Siwarak Tedsungnoen helped Buriram United enter the break with the advantage of leading the table.

At the beginning of the second half, Thai Port FC continued to maintain pressure. They finally got Sergio Suarez's equalizer in the 48th minute. The header of Thai Port FC side striker is too hard to stop.

However, it is also the last situation Buriram United allows Thai Port FC to enjoy. Within 8 minutes 55 to 63, Buriram United scored 2 goals. All thanks to Pedro Junior and Chitipat Tanklang, helping this team continue to lead Thai Port FC.

In the remaining minutes of the match, Thai Port FC rushed to attack to shorten the score. But Buriram United, with a close-knit play, has stopped the number of goals lost at number 1. Luong Xuan Truong is not trusted in this match.

Winning the match 3-1, Buriram United surpassed Thai Port FC to rise to the top of Thai League 2019. The next round, Buriram United will confront Chiangmai FC on June 22th, 21h local time (GMT+8) at Chang Arena stadium.